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Washington State University Entrepreneurship

Business Plan Competition

Congratulations to all our 2023 Business Plan Competition Participants

Winners of Carson's 2023 Business Plan Competition pose for a picture.
Winning team y225. Members: David Barr, Andrew Overaa

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WSU College League Winners

We saw fierce competition this year and would like to congratulate all participants for all their hard work and dedication.

We are delighted to announce the winning teams of the WSU Collegiate League competition:

  1. y255($15,000) (Watch Final Presentation)
  2. Small App($10,000) (Watch Final Presentation)
  3. Totally Rad Pretzels($7,000) (Watch Final Presentation)
  4. U-Shield($4,000) (Watch Final Presentation)
  5. Central Solutions Group($2,000) (Watch Final Presentation)

High School League Winners

  1. Mai Bowl($5,000)
  2. Oval($2,000)
  3. Wellness Rediscovered($1,000)
  4. Furst Pick Dog Grooming($500)
  5. Luxe Tech($250)

Open League Winner

  1. StrapWell($5,000)

Herbert B. Jones Merit Prize Winners

WSU Collegiate League – Final Presentation Round

We saw fierce competition this year and would like to congratulate all participants for all their hard work and dedication.
We are delighted to announce that the following teams (in alphabetical order) will be advancing to the Final Presentation Round of the WSU Collegiate League competition.

  • Central Solutions Group
  • Small App
  • Totally Rad Pretzels
  • U-Shield
  • Y255

Alternate Team:

  • PicsGenie

Congrats to the Business Plan Competition teams moving forward!

WSU Teams Advancing to the Presentation Round

  • Board Finders – Board Finders is an online platform that simplifies the process of finding and booking billboards for businesses, while also providing billboard owners with increased revenue opportunities.
  • CARE – Community and Resource Engagement for Foster Youth – CARE is a platform that provides individuals in the foster care system access to a safe community and free resources including crisis support, legal aid, court advocacy, psychological counseling, and informational resources for youth aging out of the system”
  • Central Solutions Group – a subscription software platform for NEMT transportation companies to consolidate outsourced business processes and scale their businesses.
  • Great Dane Wraps & Performance – Great Dane Wraps & Performance is a Vinyl Wrap and performance part shop for all vehicles. We make it our duty to make sure our customers get their bang for their buck while protecting their vehicles value when going through us to install wrap and parts on their vehicles.
  • HonestBuds – HonestBuds is a communications and polling website aiming to bridge the gap between recreational cannabis-producing businesses and dispensary’s salespeople.
  • Icy AC – While many can’t afford traditional air conditioning, Icy AC is a cost effective and simple alternative that anyone can afford and use.
  • JDE Management Systems – Our academic advisory management system acts as an assistant to the academic advisors to act on students’ needs (falling grades, schedule building, financial needs, post-graduation needs) so that advisors can provide more personalized, needed support, and get students graduated on time and ready to start their careers.
  • Le Café Enchanté – A rustic French Bakery providing guests with authentic French pastries, breads, and special event confections.
  • LEEF Skis – LEEF Skis is a manufacturing company in the Pacific Northwest; we are pursuing the creation of the worlds, first-fully-adjustable-ski that allows users to modify their skis on-the-go, to excel in any snow condition
  • Mindful Med – Mindful Med is a medication adherence app for individuals with mental illnesses to manage their medication schedule and monitor their progress towards treatment goals.
  • Mobile Taps – Mobile Taps will be the first-ever drive-thru taproom in the Post Falls, Idaho area, offering customers a new quick and convenient way to purchase their favorite craft beverages.
  • PicsGenie – PicsGenie is a scalable way to turn AI-generated images into useful products
  • Pop!Laser – Pop!Laser is a pop-up laser tag experience that brings the game to the gamer by transforming parties and events into live action arcades.
  • Ryse – A ride-share service dedicated to ensuring the safety and comfort of women identifying passengers and drivers to address sexual assault and other safety concerns in the rideshare industry.
  • Small App – intermediary marketplace platform for small brick-and-mortar retail businesses that enables physical storefronts to entirely list, manage and sell their inventory digitally through a shared marketplace that is both convenient and efficient for consumers and businesses.
  • SuChef – SuChef aims to provide a seamless pantry management system for young adults assisting them in saving money and reducing everyday food waste.
  • Thor Solutions – Thor Solutions provides advanced monitoring software and consultation services that use data-driven predictive modeling to increase reliability and cost-effectiveness of bolted connections, making the world a safer place.
  • Totally Rad Pretzels – provides a convenient and tasty snack to hungry Cougs during late night hours.
  • U-Shield – U-Shield is campus safety and resources app, like ChatGPT for institutionalized campus resources- bridges the gap between student safety concerns and university resources hence fostering a sense of student safety resulting in higher retention rates.
  • y255 – y255 is an advertising agency leveraging videogames to reach gen-z.

Alternative Team:

  • Supreme Air Solutions – Supreme Air Solutions is using smart home technology to monitor the effectiveness of a residential furnace air filter, then making recommendations to the homeowner.

Top Foster Garvey Open League Teams Advancing to the Final Presentation Round

  • Bionova (Walla Walla University) – building small scalable bioreactors to produce methane biogas and high-quality fertilizer for local communities in Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Brazil, and Peru
  • GentleRide Suspension (University of Idaho) – GentleRide is a suspension Using First-Class Lever Design to Reimagine Horse Transportation.
  • StrapWell (University of Idaho) – StrapWell is a bag designed to strap and cinch to the top of any tiedown, for secure shipments across the transport industry
  • Wasted Hops (University of Idaho) – Wasted Hops is a paper company that produces and sells unique, durable, sustainable, and biodegradable coasters made from the fibers of hops

Alternative Team:

  • PrinTimber (University of Idaho) –

Top High School League Teams Advancing to the Final Presentation Round

  • Furst Pick Dog Grooming (Pullman Christian School) – Furst Pick Dog Grooming provides affordable pet conscientious grooming for pet owners who care about their pet’s grooming experience.
  • LuxeTech (Mercer Island High School) – LuxeTech is a tech start-up dedicated to innovating the technologically advanced accessories of tomorrow.
  • Mai Bowl (Sammamish High School) – Mai Bowl is a healthier dessert option.
  • Oval (Mead Senior High School) – Oval empowers real estate investors and landlords with a comprehensive dashboard that streamlines tenant management and offers unparalleled insights into the market through advanced data analytics, enabling them to make informed decisions and optimize their investments with ease.
  • Wellness Rediscovered (Mead High School) – Wellness Rediscovered is a customizable self-care subscription box with all natural, handmade products.

Alternative Team:

  • WatterTech (Pullman High School) – WatterTech is a tech startup that strives to help customers reduce water usage through faucet and shower head attachments.

2023 WSU Business Plan Competition is Continuing as Hybrid


If you’re a student entrepreneur or aspiring business owner, the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies presents the WSU Business Plan Competition – an unparalleled opportunity to practice entrepreneurship in a real-world setting and receive guidance as you launch a new venture, plus a chance to win thousands of dollars in prize money!

The Center for Entrepreneurial Studies is happy to announce that the 2023 WSU Business Plan Competition will still be happening, switching to a hybrid format. Participating in a business plan competition can be a rewarding experience and we are excited to continue to showcase student innovation!

Learn by Doing

  • Sharpen skills. Working on a business plan team develops innovative thinking, builds leadership, and refines communication skills.
  • Network. If you’re a finalist, you and your team will present your idea to investors, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals at the competition in April. Finalists also have the opportunity to exchange ideas with judges over dinner.
  • Prepare for your future. Take what you’ve learned and apply it in an existing company or new venture.

Launch a New Venture

  • Move from idea to execution. Develop, test, and pitch a startup idea with your own team.
  • Get advice and mentoring. Seasoned entrepreneurs, industry experts, and entrepreneurship faculty mentors devote countless hours to help students navigate the entrepreneurial process.
  • Build momentum. Take your experience in the competition and invest in the growth of your venture.

Congratulations, Past Winners!

Past Winners

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Win Cash Prizes

Collegiate League

Herbert B. Jones Grand Prize – $15,000
Herbert B. Jones Second Place Prize – $10,000
Third Place Prize – $7,000
Fourth Place Prize – $4,000
Fifth Place Prize – $2,000

Open Collegiate League

Grand Prize – $5,000

High School League

Herbert B. Jones Grand Prize – $5,000
Second Place Prize – $2,000
Third Place Prize – $1,000
Fourth Place Prize – $500
Fifth Place Prize – $250

Merit Prizes

BECU Best FinTech Venture Prize – $5,000
Herbert B. Jones Best Written Plan Prize – $2,500
Herbert B. Jones Best Presentation Prize – $2,500
Herbert B. Jones Best Tech Venture Prize – $2,500
Herbert B. Jones Best Social Impact Venture Prize – $2,500

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The Business Plan Competition is critically important for helping people to turn ideas into reality. I am excited to volunteer as a judge to support the competition and the Center, now that I am on the other side.— Jonah Friedl , NOMAD founder and WSU alumnus (Carson College of Business, Entrepreneurship – 2016)