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Washington State University Entrepreneurship

Business Plan Competition

Develop ideas, build a team, write a business plan, pitch your idea for real money.

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Student venture teams’ ideas ring in success at annual business plan competition

Winners of Carson's 2022 Business Plan Competition pose for a picture.
Team Bloom won the Business Plan Competition’s $15,000 grand prize for their app matching first-gen students with local scholarship providers (photo by WSU Photo Services).


WSU Insider Article

WSU College League

We saw fierce competition this year and would like to congratulate all participants for all their hard work and dedication.

We are delighted to announce the winning teams of the WSU Collegiate League competition:

  1. Bloom – The app that closes the opportunity gap for first-generation college students with access to hyper-local scholarship matches.
  2. DWN – DWN is a social media platform that helps college students find things to do around their campus.
  3. GUT Check – Personalized health and fitness regimens based on food sensitivity testing through an APP.
  4. Syr’s Signature Creations – Content creation, Specialty cheesecake sales
  5. SpotKeep – SpotKEEP is a peer-to-peer mobile application that connects those in need of parking to those who have parking available for rent.

High School League

  1. Perfect Pillow (Sammamish High School) – A pillow made for you.
  2. Coals Lumber Co (Mead senior high school) – Firewood and professional tree removal company.
  3. Freeze on the Go (Mead High School) – Freeze on the Go is a portable icepack that is battery-powered.
  4. Frozen Games (Mead senior High school) – Combines frozen yogurt and casual or competitive gaming for a unique dining and social experience.
  5. The Forge Jewelers (Mead High School) – An online Jewelry store selling rings, earrings, and pennants for necklaces, along with request submissions from customers.

Open League

  1. Ultropia (University Of Washington) – Ultropia is developing the first ultrasonic all-in-one washer and dryer to help people with limited infrastructure gain access to laundry machines.

2022 WSU Business Plan Competition is Going Hybrid


If you’re a student entrepreneur or aspiring business owner, the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies presents the WSU Business Plan Competition – an unparalleled opportunity to practice entrepreneurship in a real-world setting and receive guidance as you launch a new venture, plus a chance to win thousands of dollars in prize money!

The Center for Entrepreneurial Studies is happy to announce that the 2022 WSU Business Plan Competition will still be happening, switching to a hybrid format. Participating in a business plan competition can be a rewarding experience and we are excited to continue to showcase student innovation!

Learn by Doing

  • Sharpen skills. Working on a business plan team develops innovative thinking, builds leadership, and refines communication skills.
  • Network. If you’re a finalist, you and your team will present your idea to investors, entrepreneurs, and industry professionals at the competition in April. Finalists also have the opportunity to exchange ideas with judges over dinner.
  • Prepare for your future. Take what you’ve learned and apply it in an existing company or new venture.

Launch a New Venture

  • Move from idea to execution. Develop, test, and pitch a startup idea with your own team.
  • Get advice and mentoring. Seasoned entrepreneurs, industry experts, and entrepreneurship faculty mentors devote countless hours to help students navigate the entrepreneurial process.
  • Build momentum. Take your experience in the competition and invest in the growth of your venture.

Win Cash Prizes

Collegiate League

Herbert B. Jones Grand Prize – $15,000
Herbert B. Jones Second Place Prize – $10,000
Third Place Prize – $7,000
Fourth Place Prize – $4,000
Fifth Place Prize – $2,000

Open Collegiate League

Grand Prize – $5,000

High School League

Herbert B. Jones Grand Prize – $5,000
Second Place Prize – $2,000
Third Place Prize – $1,000
Fourth Place Prize – $500
Fifth Place Prize – $250

Merit Prizes

BECU Best FinTech Venture Prize – $5,000
Herbert B. Jones Best Written Plan Prize – $2,500
Herbert B. Jones Best Presentation Prize – $2,500
Herbert B. Jones Best Tech Venture Prize – $2,500
Herbert B. Jones Best Social Impact Venture Prize – $2,500

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The Business Plan Competition is critically important for helping people to turn ideas into reality. I am excited to volunteer as a judge to support the competition and the Center, now that I am on the other side.— Jonah Friedl , NOMAD founder and WSU alumnus (Carson College of Business, Entrepreneurship – 2016)