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Washington State University Entrepreneurship


Each year BPC awards many different prizes to student competitors. Not only do the top 3 teams receive prize money, but there are also various merit prizes awarded to teams in different categories. BPC competitors have gone on to pursue their business ideas, join other startups, and secure job offers in various sectors utilizing the knowledge and experiences gained through BPC. Read our Press releases for information on each year’s winners, and below find out more about some of our students in our Winner Spotlights.

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Congratulations to all our 2023 Business Plan Competition Participants

Winners of Carson's 2023 Business Plan Competition pose for a picture.
Winning team y225. Members: David Barr, Andrew Overaa

WSU Insider Article

CCB eDividend Article

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WSU College League Winners

We saw fierce competition this year and would like to congratulate all participants for all their hard work and dedication.

We are delighted to announce the winning teams of the WSU Collegiate League competition:

  1. y255($15,000) (Watch Final Presentation)
  2. Small App($10,000) (Watch Final Presentation)
  3. Totally Rad Pretzels($7,000) (Watch Final Presentation)
  4. U-Shield($4,000) (Watch Final Presentation)
  5. Central Solutions Group($2,000) (Watch Final Presentation)

High School League Winners

  1. Mai Bowl($5,000)
  2. Oval($2,000)
  3. Wellness Rediscovered($1,000)
  4. Furst Pick Dog Grooming($500)
  5. Luxe Tech($250)

Open League Winner

  1. StrapWell($5,000)

Herbert B. Jones Merit Prize Winners

  • Best Written Plan: Totally Rad Pretzels($2,500)
  • Best Presentation: Totally Rad Pretzels($2,500)
  • Best Technology Venture: y255($2,500)
  • Best Social Impact Business (two-way tie): U-Shield, RYSE($1,250 each)

The Business Plan Competition provides a unique opportunity for students from diverse majors across campus to collaborate on ventures. The most successful teams leverage the diverse perspectives and skills of their members, which helps them overcome some of the key problems that can plague startups.— Marie Mayes , Director, Center for Entrepreneurship