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Washington State University Entrepreneurship

DiscoverYour Path

Whether you are an artisan, finance wizard, technologist, or champion for social good, the path you take from exciting idea to incredible reality will be unique to you.

The Center for Entrepreneurial Studies is here to help you discover that path by helping build and sustain your entrepreneurial mindset. We aim to empower all WSU students to collaborate on big problems, invent new products, or launch new ventures, and to help them access the skills they need to bring an idea to fruition. Whatever your next step within WSU’s entrepeneurial ecosystem, the CES can help you get there with classes or connections, industry expertise or seed funding, hands-on experience or dedicated mentorship.

CES and the Ecosystem

Our business community is dedicated to supporting the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs coming out of WSU. Through local organizations, WSU alumni, and supportive industry experts, innovative Cougs have access to a range of resources to support them on their entrepreneurial journey. Ask us about connecting to that network.

WSU Office of Commercialization

The Office of Commercialization is responsible for the evaluation, protection, and commercialization of innovations and discoveries made at WSU. The OC is also responsible for the expansion of WSU’s public impact by bridging the gap between WSU researchers and industry. Their mission is to ensure that innovations and discoveries by WSU researchers are evaluated, protected where possible, and licensed by industry partners or start-ups to move technologies forward and generate benefits for researchers, WSU, and the public.

I’ve always believed that a strong economy comes from the universities in that region. WSU’s Business Plan Competition embodies my belief by encouraging, facilitating, and accelerating the startup environment. The university is working so hard today to help students bring research, innovation and ideas to the market place.— Chris Wood, founder of Dryland SA and TenX Strategies

Academic Major and Minor

If you are ready to make entrepreneurship a more comprehensive part of your education, learn more about the Entrepreneurship Major and Minors offered at WSU.

Scholarships for Student Entrepreneurs

The Center offers many scholarship programs and opportunities to students interested in pursuing further entrepreneurial education. Whether it’s an in-depth program that spans one or two academic years or simply funds that allow you to finance certain aspects of your entrepreneurial journey, The Center for Entrepreneurial Studies has the resources you need to help you continue in the path toward entrepreneurial exploration and success.

  • Harold Frank Engineering Entrepreneurship Institute
    The Harold Frank Engineering Entrepreneurship Institute is a year-long program, focused on experiential learning that helps students understand how to launch and grow a technology company. Frank Scholars finish this program with the basic knowledge needed to start their own high-tech ventures and an invaluable network of connections in the tech industry.
  • CES Service Scholarship
    This scholarship gives students of any major a chance to be a part of WSU’s entrepreneurship ecosystem. Participants can serve as consultants on a project, work in the Commons Collaboration Center, or help raise awareness of entrepreneurial opportunities at WSU. Applications for Fall 2020 open April 1.
  • Additional Entrepreneurship Scholarship Opportunities
    There are many other scholarships available to provide the resources and support you need to fund specific aspects of your entrepreneurial journey at WSU. Applications for Fall 2019 open April 1.