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Washington State University Entrepreneurship

Jones Milestone Accelerator

Thank you to the 2021 JMA Teams!

Mullins McMan







Mullins McMan focuses on increasing investor value through
growth strategies in inefficient markets. By leveraging market
inefficiencies, Mullins McMan offers investors exposure to non-traditional markets and their huge potential upside. Our
experience has allowed us to navigate these markets with
incredible success.


CleanTech Kiosk







CleanTech Kiosk is developing a first in kind personal electronic cleaning machine used by university building owners to help improve the health and safety of their undergraduate student populations.

Shepherd Recruitment







Shepherd Recruitment intends to develop a software-based service that provides low income and first-generation students tools and connections to a network of mentors that allows them to more successfully transition to professional careers.

Thank you to our mentors

Andy Barett
Serial Entrepreneur




Ryan Goodell
University Real Estate Management



Aziz Makhani
Mechanical Engineering



Dale Miller
Wealth Management/Financial Services



Linda Olson
Business Coaching



Erik Morgan
Wealth Management


Jody Page
Finance & Startup Fundraising




Pat Murphy
Software Sales



Michael Campbell
Enterprise Software