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Washington State University Entrepreneurship


The time, insight, and expertise you share with our students form a valuable part of the transformative learning we endeavor to provide at WSU.

BPC Event Schedule

Ways to Volunteer

Mentor a Student Team

Mentors and advisors enrich the educational experience of WSU students by advancing their careers and helping them accomplish more, faster. We rely upon our alumni and friends to make a tangible difference by providing business advice, support, and insight. Depending on their interests and time availability, mentors can be involved either as subject matter experts – sharing industry knowledge on an as-needed basis – or as a dedicated mentor to a student team participating in the BPC, the Jones Milestone Accelerator, or I-Corps.

Apply to Be a Mentor

Be a Judge

More than 70 entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals representing dozens of industries serve as judges in the Business Plan Competition each year. Contact us to get involved as either a Screening Round judge (participating remotely) or as an in-person judge on the day of the competition.

Speak at an Event

We welcome experienced professionals, seasoned entrepreneurs, and industry experts to visit classes, join panel discussions, or give talks in their area of expertise throughout the academic year. Contact us to discuss speaking opportunities.



For more information

Marie Mayes
Director, Center for Entrepreneurial Studies


team at awards dinner
Pure Ear Products team chatting with BPC judge Garth Mader at the 2019 Awards Dinner